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How To Order:

The type of picture available is limited only by your imagination! You only have to tell me what you desire, it really is that simple! And custom drawn ALZART artwork is cheaper than you think!

step 1:   Email me and let me know the sort of picture you require, letting me know of anything you think will help. Ask about anything that I haven't made clear.

step 2:   I will get in touch with you, and let you know how much it will cost and when you can expect the finished item.

step 3:   You email or post any photos of people to be drawn. I don't usually need photos of bikes as I have been into bikes for years, but if any are available that's great.

step 4:   I draw your artwork and contact you, you preview the artwork, and then we arrange payment. After payment I provide you with your drawing. Easy isn't it?

I have stringent standards that I never stray from, and they are as follows...

I never draw on fish, I consider this to be a cruel and old fashioned practise! I only use paper.

I'm afraid I have to turn down requests to paint attractive women in the nude, It gets too cold, and unless I wear my socks, I have nowhere to keep my pencils.

I ensure no Dolphins have been harmed in any way, ALZART is totally Dolphin friendly!